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Tips on caring for puppies !

If you have a puppy dog in your family, it's crucial to take certain steps to ensure that you give them the best start in life;

Tip #1 - Estabish A Routine

First, establishing a routine will be so important during the first few months, setting consistent schedules for feeding, playtime, toilet breaks, and training sessions. Keeping them mentally stimulated and ensuring they get enough exercise tailored to their age and breed is super important, too. Puppies should get no more than 5 minutes of gentle exercise per month of age. Ie. a 3 month old pup should only walk for 15 minutes, 4 month puppy 20 minutes, etc.

Tip #2 - Nutrition

Second, feeding proper nutrition. By feeding your puppy smart from the smart, you can mitigate health issues and save on costly vet bills. Our puppy fish cuisine food is an excellent source of omega oils as it is made from freshly prepared fish from the fisherman in Kilmore Quay. Omega 3 helps promote healthy brain development, strong bones as your pup grows, and a robust immune system. It is important to lay the foundation for a vibrant life for your pet right from the start. Fish is easily digestible, so pawfect for puppies who may have sensitivities or allergies. Don’t forget also to keep your pups water bowl full for hydration!

"Tilli has been eating Harley & Marley Puppy Fish Cuisine since she came to her furever home and recently finished her first 3kg bag too! It was important to her dog mom that she was fed Smart From The Start to help her live a long, happy and healthy life. Cavapoos are known to be very fussy and sensitive pups so this fish-based diet suits her so well, also the tiny kibble size is pawfect for her little mouth too. This superfood recipe is perfect to help aid Tillis growth & development, while supporting her cognitive function & keeping her skin and coat healthy with the omega oils from the fish. Tilli Loves her Harley & marle food and would recommend it to anyone looking for a premium dog food for their pup" - Aoibhe, Dublin

Tip #3 - Training & Rewards

Lastly, early socialisation is vital. Introducing your furry friend to new experiences and other dogs positively as soon as possible. Starting basic obedience training and using positive reinforcement. It is important to use high quality treats with high protein content for training, helping to set a standard early on by only feeding high quality treats is important, our train & reward treats contain 70% fish so our perfect for training and helping your pup to feel they are getting rewarded on a super premium level for being the best pup! Dogs adore the rich taste and aroma of fish appealing to their natural instincts and preferences too!

Combined with a nutritious diet, this is key to helping your dog live a long, happy life 🐾

Harley & Marley offer products especially created for our little furbabies in our lives including ; Puppy Fish Cusine Dry Dog Food, Duo Function Puppy Chews & Duo Function Puppy Super Bites all available on our website -

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