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Duo Function Calming Chews
  • Duo Function Calming Chews


    These Harley & Marley Duo Function Health Chews are specifically designed for Calming your fur babies. The zen ingredients in these Health Chews will help bring peace to your pups - White Fish & Hemp with Passion Flower. White Fish is particularly low in saturated fat and easy to digest – a great option for dogs with sensitive tummies or allergies. Hemp can reduce anxiety and promote calmer behaviour. The anti-inflammatory properties in Hemp mean it can help dogs suffering from painful conditions like arthritis, and even offer natural pain relief for those who need it.


    Dogs can experience anxiety and stress from a number of situations. Passion Flower is commonly used for relieving anxiety. It works by raising levels of Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid in the brain. This in turn lowers other particular brain cell activity, which puts the body in a calmer more relaxed state. Passionflower also boosts Serotonin and Dopamine levels in the body. Overall the combined calming relief of Hemp & Passionflower provides gentle relief from anxiety and tension, helping dogs feel more at ease and comfortable in stressful situations.


    Aside from the functional health benefits mentioned above, these Harley & Marley Duo Function Health Chews also support Healthy Teeth and Gums, as well as Fresh Breath. Packed with Natural Goodness, they are Grain-Free, Low Calorie, Human Grade and contain No Added Sugar or Artificial Flavours or Colourings. We are confident your Fur Babies will enjoy our 100% Natural Health Chews Made with Love in Ireland.


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