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What Our Customer's Say


Tracy Cullen


We Have met the Harley and Marley team at a few different events over the last year, our very first purchase was 4 of the Harley and Marley towels, I will attach a photo of one I’ve just taken the ribbon from (teal) and one I have used by the back door for muddy paws and washed many many times over the last 6 months (grey) as you can see the quality is so good the grey towel looks as new as the towel I’ve not yet used.
Now for the treats, our dogs have loved the dog treats we bring home each time, no photos of that because they don’t last but they definitely get a pawfect 10/10. I was very excited this weekend when I was introduced into the brand new range of cat treats, we couldn’t wait to come home and let our cats try them. They were not disappointed. They also give a puurfect 10/10.

Wayne Murphy


Our Shitzu is the fussiest eater ever. We have tried all sorts of treats over the years to bribe him to do what he is told without too much success! That was until we came across Harley & Marley's fish based treats and he cannot get enough of them. Soft treats too that perfect for his teeth as he is getting on in years. Highly recommend the range of Harley & Marley products that not only help my dog to even consider doing what I ask but the treats are also full of highly nutritious ingredients that are good for him

Margaux & Penny Matthews


We absolutely love our Harley & Marley microfibres towels. The towels absorb both single & double coated damp dogs so we’ll. Even better, they wash & dry like a ribbon - top quality!!!

Natasha Kelleher

Cork Ireland

Today was our first time purchasing Harley and Marley treats…..and we are now big fans! The packaging and design are beautiful. But more importantly the treats are delicious!! They contain the natural ingredients that we adore. and our fish based which we love.We look forward to other products that will come in the future

Coco and Juno


Hi guys! Your treats didn't last long in our house because we ate them all up! We absolutely loved them and will be restocking very soon! Thank you!!



Converted after the first nibble, my wheaties ❤️ @harleyandmarley

Wrestled them from me, excitement levels through the roof. Thank you Portia for the finest of fine dog treats

Caroline Smith

London, UK

I have been extremely impressed with the service from Harley and Marley and the fantastic quality of the treats. We purchased 4 packets of treats for our greyhound Gertie. We chose one packet of each of the four products and we were contacted straight away to let us know one of them (the sprats) were currently out of stock. We were given a choice of a refund or a substitution so went for the substitution. So far we have only opened the crunchy fish nuggets, Gertie LOVES them. As soon as she hears the packet coming out she goes from full sparko (typically she is asleep for 18 hours a day, it's a greyhound thing!) to up and lively and drooling in anticipation. I will definitely be purchasing more treats when we finish these and thoroughly recommend them. I hope that Harley and Marley can find a stockist/distributor in the UK. I have recommended the treats to all our doggie friends. Thank you so much Portia and Robin for starting such a great company and for making such lovely treats! Best wishes, Caroline, Jessica and Gertie.

Sarah Nevin

Nature & Nurture, Pet Store, Glenageary, Co. Dublin

We got a batch of Harley & Marley fish treats and sausages to test out on our own dogs and in our store, Nature & Nurture Pet Store. We have a busy little shop with all sorts of dogs coming in everyday, from Miniature Yorkshire terriers to lurchers to Great Danes and varying in age from 8 week old pups getting their first collar to our golden oldies. I have to say they went down brilliantly. As a natural focus pet store and having completed independent nutrition courses & training we are very particular on the ingredients of what we stock and we are look forward to stocking Harley & Marley! I put some into a paper bag into my bag to bring home to my other dog. Before I had a chance to give them to her she had sniffed them out, brought the bag up onto my bed and scoffed them all! All I found was a torn bag and a few crumbs. Can’t wait to stock them!

Tara Furlong

Dogs Angels, Rescue, Killiney, Co. Dublin

My dogs love all of Harley and Marleys pet treats, they are so fresh and made with very nutritious ingredients. My big dogs favourite was the fish roll, he couldn’t get enough of them! And my small dogs favourite was the sausage ones! Didn't upset their stomachs either, which a lot of treats do. Overall they loved all of them❤️. Thank u so much Marley and Harley

Carmel Marrinan

Mount Merrion, Co. Dublin

My little fur baby has been lucky enough to have had some of your pre-launch treats and oh my goodness did he love them. Paddy has a few conditions that hasn't allowed him any treats at all in recent times... poor fellow... BUT joy of joys along came Harley and Marley! Your treats are just PERFECT for him.. low fat and super healthy... Thank you from Paddy and us!

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