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Abundantly Healthy,
100% Natural, and Really Delicious


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Our Promise is

Harley & Marley™ Fine Irish Treats and Complete Food for Dogs Superior Fish-Based Nutrition offers

A Tidal Wave of Fish-Tastic Benefits!


Our fish recipes, specifically designed for age/size by leading animal nutritionists, are packed with delicious high-quality protein, Omega-oils, and vital nutrients to keep your pooch healthy and happy! Support local business and reduce your carbon paw-print. Recycle and Keep Earth Pawsome! Highly palatable to dogs and cats because “Dogs Love Fish”™ Hypoallergenic and Grain-Free – outstanding for fussy eaters and sensitive tummies.


Natural, junk-free, no nasty fillers or animal by-products. Low in fat and high in lean protein

– Guilt-Free and ideal for weight management!


Promoting multiple vital functional health benefits. Sustainably and ethically sourced in Ireland – reducing food waste. Made from freshly prepared 100% Irish Fish - Supporting Irish Fisheries, the Irish Circular Economy, and Irish Business.


Fine Irish Pet Food & Treats

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You will notice your furry friends love the smell of fish for a start! Dogs generally thrive on diets full of quality proteins that are the building blocks of life. Fish is an excellent source of lean protein. It is also a really healthy alternative for pets with food sensitivities triggered by common proteins like chicken or turkey. Fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which can reduce inflammation and support a healthy, beautiful skin and coat. Lastly, fish contains low levels of fat, making it an excellent alternative for supporting optimal weight. Fish also contains vitamins (especially B vitamins) and important minerals. Bear in mind that minerals are inorganic substances that are often absorbed more efficiently by the body if supplied in foods rather than as supplements.



Sarah Nevin

Nature & Nurture, Pet Store, Glenageary, Co. Dublin

We got a batch of Harley & Marley fish treats and sausages to test out on our own dogs and in our store, Nature & Nurture Pet Store. We have a busy little shop with all sorts of dogs coming in everyday, from Miniature Yorkshire terriers to lurchers to Great Danes and varying in age from 8 week old pups getting their first collar to our golden oldies...

Tara Furlong

Dogs Angels, Rescue, Killiney, Co. Dublin

My dogs love all of Harley and Marleys pet treats, they are so fresh and made with very nutritious ingredients. My big dogs favourite was the fish roll, he couldn’t get enough of them! And my small dogs favourite was the sausage ones! Didn't upset their stomachs either, which a lot of treats do. Overall they loved all of them. Thank u so much Marley and Harley

Carmel Marrinan

Mount Merrion, Co. Dublin

My little fur baby has been lucky enough to have had some of your pre-launch treats and oh my goodness did he love them. Paddy has a few conditions that hasn't allowed him any treats at all in recent times... poor fellow... BUT joy of joys along came Harley and Marley! Your treats are just PERFECT for him.. low fat and super healthy... Thank you from Paddy and us!

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