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Let us tell you

We love Ireland. We love our Planet. And we love our Pets. And so, our story began…


It was important to us that everything about our business reflected our love of Ireland, our planet and our pets. So, we created a range of Fine, Irish Pet Treats made of clean, sustainable ingredients that go through minimal processing, thereby ensuring that our pets get the maximum health benefits as well as delicious natural flavours.


Where better on an island to find planet-loving protein brimming with natural goodness than our clear, unpolluted waters? Speaking to local fishermen, we learned about the bounty of the seas and the challenges of their trade. And we learned about waste. After fillets are prepared for shops and restaurants, so much can be left behind that is highly nutritious and full of flavour.


We joined forces with John Kenny of Atlantis Seafoods in Kilmore Quay, a fellow dog-lover who’s been working in the industry for many years. Together we experimented until we got it just right – a range of delicious treats, bursting with natural goodness from the sea.


We are committed to our core values and we promise we will always strive to ensure our products reflect them. The production of our treats reduces unnecessary waste in the environment, supports the local fishing industry, and gives back to the Irish economy. We are really proud of that.


Our beloved fur babies, Harley and Marley, inspired us. Your beloved fur babies keep us going. We know your pets will enjoy our 100% Natural Irish treats.

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We are Harley and Marley, an Irish company offering a range of Fine, Irish, Fish-Based Pet Treats, Sustainably Sourced. ​Our fish comes from Atlantis Seafoods, who are BRC- and Origin Green-certified.


Atlantis founder, John Kenny, and his team are very serious when it comes to sustainability. He is working with Bord Iascaigh Mhara to provide full traceability on all of his fish stocks. We also pack our treats in recyclable, resealable pouches.​


We are Irish, with Irish raw materials, production, and packaging.​ Our treats are gently air-dried, not cooked, meaning that they lose absolutely none of their natural goodness. This is minimal processing at its best.​ Our treats are also absolutely junk free. They are either single ingredient fish or with minimal ingredients added – such as parsley and seaweed. No wheat or wheat gluten, unnecessary fillers, additives, artificial colours or flavours.​


This natural goodness offers a multitude of inherent health benefits to dogs – such as: ​ Easy on digestion;​ Naturally high in protein and low in fat and calories - ideal treats for optimal weight control​. Loaded with Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, supporting healthy skin and coat with anti-inflammatory properties for optimal joint mobility​.

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